What is gelatine?

Gelatine is a pure protein obtained through hydrolysis of hides and bone of cattles, porks, fish and poultry.

Is gelatine Halal?

SelJel is 100% halal as it is produced from bovine hides of cattle’s slaughtered according to Islamic rules.

What is in gelatine?

Energy and nutritional values100g
Energy, kJ/kcal1494 / 357
Protein, g89.70 +/- 3.59
Fat, g0
Carbohydrate, g0
Sugar, g0
Salt, g0
Water, g10.30

What are the benefits of gelatine?

Solidifies the joints.
Renews the cartilages.
Increases bone intensity.
Enforces muscles.
Tightens the skin, increase elasticity.
Strengthens hair due to creation of keratin.
Enforces teeth and nails.

Where to use the gelatine?

Both in deserts and individual use.

How much of gelatine I can use in a day?

6 to 10 grams/day is adviced.

How can I consume?

In your individual use, you can consume the gelatine with water, fruit juice and/or yoghurt. Please refer to our recipes for deserts.

Does gelatine obtain gluten?

It is gluten-free.

Can I only consume gelatine instead of bone soup?


Can I consume the gelatine as protein powder?